KleerTemp Outdoor Window Thermometers -American Made!


KleerTemp Thermometers utilize Electrostatic technology to make the Kleertemp thermometer cling to the window, no mounting necessary. Accurate and semi transparent, the large bold easy to read numbers can be seen from across the room, great for peopl with low vision problems, great for homes, offices, apartments, RV's and Boats! -MADE IN USA

Great Gift Idea! Discount Pricing on 2+ !

Easy KleerTemp Installation Instructions Below

  • Peel KleerTemp cling carefully from package.
  • Clings to glass-Gently press cling on to cleaned glass.
  • Easy to move and very easy read thermometer
  • All KleerTemp models show both (Fahrenheit & Celsius), however primary scale is larger on each specific model. Original Kleertemp Comes in Both Fahrenheit & Celsius models.

    Free Shipping!* (On Fahrenheit models in USA)

KT-7 KleerTemp Thermometer Fahrenheit . FREE SHIPPING!
SIZE: 7" diameter. Below for Cart Button USA ORDERS ONLY*

Add to Cart Price:$14.99 2 or more Price: $13.99
(Free Shipping Fahrenheit only) USA addresses only!

For Non-USA orders order Below

Kleertemp KT-7 Thermometer Fahrenheit
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Add to Cart Price: $14.99 2 or more Price: $13.99

KT-7C KleerTemp KT-7C Celsius Thermometer

Add to Cart Price: $14.99–– 2 or more Price: $13.99

WS-II WeatherStation Il Temperature and Humidity
Innovative clear, flexible, and virtually transparent thermometer with hygrometer (humidity).
SIZE: 6"x10.5"
Add to Cart Price: $19.95Fahrenheit
(Free Shipping Fahrenheit only) USA addresses only!
2 or more Price: $17.95

WS-IIC Celsius WeatherStation Il Temperature and Humidity
Add to Cart Price: $19.95Celsius Scale
2 or more Price: $17.95


WS-II WeatherStation II Fahrenheit for non-USA orders

Add to Cart Price: $19.95Fahrenheit
2 or more Price: $17.95

KT-Mini KleerTemp Mini Thermometer NEW!!!
Same popular design and features of the KT-7 Kleertemp outdoor thermometer however is slightly smaller to fit in smaller windows and windowpanes. Mini comes with Big Numbers in Fahrenheit only!
SIZE: 5.2 " aprox diameter.

Add to Cart Price:$13.992 or more Price: $12.99
(Free Shipping Fahrenheit only) USA addresses only!

KT-Mini KleerTemp Mini Fahrenheit Thermometer non-USA orders
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Add to Cart Price:$13.99––2 or more Price: $12.99


KT-S KleerTemp Fahrenheit/Celsius Slim Thermometer NEW!!!
Our patented new thermometer design features a Non Mercury thermometer tube and our proven electrostatic technology to offer a new design in the outdoor thermometers. The Slim Model l has both Fahrenheit & Celsius. Designed in USA -Imported
SIZE: 2.25 "x6.5" Below for USA ORDERS ONLY

Add to Cart Price:$15.992 or more Price: $14.99
(Free Shipping only within USA) USA addresses only!

KT-S KleerTemp Slim Thermometer
For non-USA orders.

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Add to Cart Price:$15.99––2 or more Price: $14.99

*Free shipping applies to Fahrenheit KleerTemp Models only, and shipped to USA addresses only.

BWT Brookstone Windowpane Cling Thermometer
The Brookstone* Windowpane Thermometer adheres to the window electrostatically just like the Kleertemp thermometer and has a german made thermometer coil, we hjave very limited quantities of leftover stock, this thermometer instantly sticks to the outside of any window and peels off for easy repositioning....allowing you to read the temperature through a pane of glass. Read the temperature easily through any g;ass window , sliding door, ideal for apartments, offices and condos, RV's & Boats. No Mounting...Sticks instantly to the outside of any window peels off to move and reuse. Large Fahrenheit and Celsius numbers are easy to read from any angle and its virtually transperent. Comes complete, ready to use.. no hardware or tools required just press onto cleaned outside glass. An Excellent gift for gardeners, outdoor enthusiasts. Made in U.S.A..
Leftover Stock Very Limited Quantities
Add to CartPrice: $19.99

(Free Shipping to USA & Territories only! )


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